Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Wins Therapy Contest!

Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center is thrilled to announce it won first place in the 100 days of summer therapy program across the Signature HealthCARE family!

The 100 days of summer is a “therapy program development contest” across all the Signature HealthCARE therapy departments that will enhance the treatment process and benefit our elders. The therapy department creates their own program that is interdisciplinary.

At Washington Rehabilitation, the team developed a program based on cognition and sensory issues to enhance the quality of life for its elders. Two sensory rooms were created for the elders, one of which was called “sensory sensations” which encompassed the need to decrease agitation and increase sensory awareness. The elders decorated the room in lime green, pasted stars on the ceiling, and added the warming smells of aromatherapy. The other sensory room, which was called “beautiful minds,” meets the needs of our higher functioning elders that can participate in Karaoke, talent shows, cooking and outings! Both sensory rooms complemented the quality of life program and the team has already seen improvements amongst employees and elders.

Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, located at 879 Usery Road, Chipley, Florida offers numerous clinical and spiritual services and activities as well as a Quality of Life program to serve its elders. For further information about the therapy department or to take a tour of the facility, please contact the Admissions Team at 850-638-4654.