Happy Birthday Ms. Lemons!

Emma Rogers and Ms. Lemons share a special bond that is unbreakable. Today she gets a surprised visit from Emma with a cake and card for her birthday.


Science Fair 2019

Our elders enjoyed the Science Fair with the help from the youth.

Pet Day

Some of the care partners of WRNC brought in their furry, feathered, and scaled friends for Pet Day at WRNC! Our elders had a blast playing with baby goats, hamsters, puppies, and more. Those brave enough were even able to hold and interact with a snake! The smiles you see are why WRNC is so dedicated to changing the culture of long term care! There is no substitute for animal companionship and meaningful interactions!

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Welcome Aboard, Rico!

We had a visit from our clinical consultant and her traveling partner today. Rico always loves visiting with our elders, and made a new best friend today during his visit with Ms. Huffman! He brings so much happiness to our elders that we decided to officially promote him to Public Relations!

Chopped Finale

The timer started and our Culinary Champions rushed to prepare their original desserts in under an hour! After all the hard work, we had many delicious dishes to choose from, and our judges had a tough time! In the end, the Green Team won with their Blueberry Yum Yum! Congratulations to our 2019 Chopped Champions!