Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, has a Elder Poetry Club. They meet monthly and read a poem they have written or found in books. I am invited periodical, they challenged me to try and write one. I wrote several.

                          Subject   —– It’s all good, It’s ALL GOD

                   As I sit and read my bible, My mind drifted back to my survival.

                                Some might say it’s all good, but I say it’s all God.

                   I am in a warm, secure house, Nothing stirring, not even a mouse.

                               Some might say it’s all good, I say it’s all God.

                    He leads, protect, and keep me, That’s not a task, as easy as it seem to be.

                    He wake me up each morning, start me on my way, He stay with me, and don’t let me go astray.

                    It has been cold, snowing in some areas, causing a mess, He always send an angel to help in time of  


                    He is my ALL & ALL, no matter what others say, I will love, honor, & obey Him all of my day.

                                          Some might say it’s all good, but I say It’s ALL GOD

What do you think did I do good enough to present this to my Elders?

Prayer- That you Father God for being ALL GOD in our life. We honor and praise You.