From Hospice to Home Independent

Mr. Tommy Fowler came to Washington Rehab & Nursing in August of 2016 after a fall that resulted in a femur fracture. He was under the care of Hospice services at the time of admission. After meeting with his family, it was decided we would give it one try with therapy to see if we could have any success. At that time, Mr. Tommy was dependent with all aspects of daily living. After many months of therapy, Mr. Tommy was able to get out of bed in a wheelchair and roll around the facility. He did have a few set-backs medically, but was very determined each time and exceeded everyone’s expectations. In May of 2018 Mr. Tommy discharged from the facility independent with all of his daily tasks, no longer using a wheelchair, but walking with a rollator. His hard work and dedicated interdisciplinary team were extremely proud for him to return home to his loving wife and supportive family.