Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center Welcomes Jeremy Clifton, Our New Chaplain!

We would like to welcome Jeremy Clifton to our home as the new chaplain. Jeremy  is from Rockingham, North Carolina. He is married to Tiffany Parker, and they have two children. 

Jeremy graduated from Fruitland Baptist Bible Institute in North Carolina in ’99, then from The Baptist College of Florida in ’03. He continued to study at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, KY.

Our chaplain offers spiritual nurturing in an interfaith environment with a non-denominational approach. He meets elders, families, and stakeholders at the point of their need by listening and developing partnerships with facility leaders, stakeholders, and community resources.

He plans spiritual activities and encounters that will bring to light the diverse cultures and traditions of our residents and stakeholders. The chaplain works in a full-time capacity and is available upon request. Please help me welcome Jeremy to our home!