Holistic Cargiver Model at Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center

The Holistic Caregiver Model will kick off on April 24, 2015, at Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Center.  This model is rooted in not only improving the length of life, but also to improve quality of life of its elders. A holistic caregiver must take notice of not only basic needs, but also social, emotional, physical, and mental health needs of elders in the home.  Our facility is no longer called the nursing home, but their home.  Each home is broken down into smaller homes, called neighborhoods.  Each neighborhood is filled with holistic caregivers and elders who work together for a common purpose.  The holistic caregivers are able to provide more individualized care for the elders in their neighborhood.  The holistic caregiver provides  nursing care, quality of life care, as well as tends to the cleaning in each neighborhood.

Through the Holistic Caregiver approach, Washington Rehabilitation and Nursing Centers care encompasses all aspects that define a healthy life. Our home staff, both medical and non-medical, collaborate to assess patients’ needs and create individualized care plans, all targeting a single objective–restoring each patient to their highest possible level of functioning.